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个人资料 :: parcheddetentio
头像 关于 parcheddetentio
注册时间:  08/08/2015 18:13:33
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个人网站:  http://doggroomingcombs.snack.ws/
自我介绍: - Hi my name is Carla Jones. I am an undergraduate student studying law at a local university. I stay with my sister and our lovely poodle Peaches. Naturally, I am a lover of nature and all it has to offer. I enjoy nature walks and collecting insects. My favorite bug is the ladybird. It sounds creepy but it is fun to be up to date with the bugs around you. Its an interest that I developed through a lot of insight from the National Geographic channel on tv. It is nothing eerie just the love of nature and in any case, not all bugs are disgusting. Some are very beautiful and serene. However, that does not nullify the really gross ones.
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